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Tyr Data Security offers a wide variety of services and solutions in the data security & cyber intelligence field. Our focus is penetration testing (web applications, mobile apps, network infrastructures, network appliances and security architectures). We have conducted penetration testing for major clients from both the GRC and the private sector. We have 15 years of experience dealing with security issues in the Unix/Linux environment. We were part of the "Cyber security" world before it was even named "Cyber Security"! 

Tyr Data Security also deploy security solutions based on the client's needs and findings. We deploy software or hardware solutions (such as: IPS, IDS, W.A.F (web application firewall), "SQL firewalling", network firewalls, SElinux, DLP and several monitoring sensors). We specialize in open source solutions but we are also experienced with proprietary products.

Tyr also help firms with implementing a secure software development life cycle (S-SDLC). It's better to do code review and maintain a full S-SDLC process before releasing\launching your product! Catch the flaws before the hackers do! You can use our team for outsourcing specific tasks or as an "in house" team at your location. We will be happy to serve and assist you.

Tyr focus on:

  • Web application penetration testing (black box and white box approaches), S.A.A.S services, network infrastructures, firewall policies, W.A.F (web application firewall) analysis & bypassing, network appliances, etc.) code review for web applications and high risk software (also standalone c++ apps), general security consulting, management of secure SDLC processes. 

  • "0 Day exploits research" - Our experts will research your hardware or software product for "0 day" vulnerability. Finding "0 days" might be a long and complex process, but we have already helped one of the biggest corporations in the world with preventing 0 days in their product, so we would like to help your corporation get prepared for cyber attacks and zero days.

  • Android & Linux Embedded (also Smart TVs) penetration testing & security. We can help you manage the security of your custom devices, including smart TVs, mobile devices, home/office alarm systems and smart home systems (except pentest +). Alongside implementing security solutions, following you throughout the process, we can also create a bug bounty program for you and share it among the community.
  • Crypto currency backend penetration testing & general crypto security consulting - Related crypto SaaS services are at high risk. Alt coins, colored coins, it doesn't matter, all of these can be risky for your online business. Don't even take the risk! Let us examine your systems for vulnerabilities and other security issues before it's too late.

  • Intelligence - Tyr focus on 3 types of cyber intelligence: Corporate Competitive Intelligence, Low Level Due Diligence and threat intelligence. Threat intelligence involves gathering information from several sources, such as the Darknet and IRC channels, but we can also penetrate closed hacking groups and get the information you need. We speak Arabic and have amazing connections in the Arabic hacking world. We also sell intelligence about specific persons, just contact us and we will set up an encrypted voice call. Additionally, we can uncover commercial reputation management terrorists who might harm your corporation (or try to extort you).
    • General security consulting & specific crafted tasks - Tyr experts have more than 15 years of experience in the data security field. 
    • These days, when you can trust nobody, and even hardware manufacturers implement back doors (as a regulatory request), you must test your system for APT (advanced persisted threats) scenarios. We will help you to simulate, according to your budget, the scenarios for your needs and methods for reducing or preventing the damage from possible APT attacks.


Please contact us for more details and quotes!

Do you use a PGP-phone or other solution of encrypted voice communication? No problem. Simply email us keys and info.

Best Regards, 
Eran Aharoni
Chief Technical Officer & Founder

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